The shadow will fall soon

Success in Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer mode won't grant you experience points — instead, the game will feature challenge system which allows you to improve your rank by performing achievement-style kills. Rising to a better rank grants more weapon enhancements and character skills.

Guerrilla Games has outlined the move in a blog post, explaining that over 1500 challenges will be included at launch.

It's not the only element detailed in the blog post. Combat Honours are temporary bonuses which last only as long as your current game session and can be stacked to give your character a distinct advantage over rivals. There's also the Spotlight System, which allows you to rub the salt in at the end of a battle by performing a celebratory move — however, there's a catch. If you fail to perform the move in time, the opposing side can counter with a defiant move of their own.

Guerrilla has also confirmed that Exoskeletons and Jetpacks won't be featured in the game's multiplayer mode — at least not right away. The studio wants to focus on offering "fair, reliable and consistent" gameplay before looking to include such elements, which would "introduce a wide number of new variables and exceptions to account for".

Killzone: Shadow Fall launches alongside the PlayStation 4 later this year.