Grand Theft Auto V

As rumoured yesterday, you will be able to break into your own bank account in order to accelerate your progress through Grand Theft Auto V’s currently unreleased multiplayer component. reports that in-game cash injections will be available in denominations of $100,000, $200,000, $500,000, and $1,250,000. These will cost you £1.99 ($3), £3.49 ($5), £6.99 ($11), and £13.49 ($21) respectively in the UK, though the prices could change prior to the mode’s release next week.

According to the site, items are much cheaper in the online component compared to the single player campaign. A high-performance car, for example, can be purchased for around $150,000, while the most expensive property that you can own costs $400,000. You can only ever own a single abode, and you get a rebate when you switch, allowing you to essentially re-use your credit when moving house.

However, while some things are cheaper, others are more expensive. Weapon and car modifications, for example, cost a significant amount of money, and you’ll need to have levelled up your character before you can gain access to them. This is designed to maintain balance: a lower level player will not be able to access all of the good stuff immediately, even if they buy lots of real money cash packs.

Despite frequent requests for comment, publisher Rockstar Games has yet to acknowledge the microtransactions. We don’t have an enormous issue with the option, as long as everything is accessible through normal play. However, we do understand the backlash – especially when the game in question earned over $1 billion in just three days.