Rockin' all over the world

In somewhat harrowing news for Microsoft and its upcoming Xbox One console, Sony’s chief financial officer Masaru Kato has told investors that around 80 per cent of consumers prefer the PlayStation 4 to its counterparts. The executive was citing polls including the Redmond-based manufacturer’s system, as well as Nintendo’s struggling Wii U.

"This is very encouraging," he said, adding that the company is doing its “best to secure enough chipsets and capacity” to meet demand at launch. We know that release day pre-orders have already been frozen in Europe and parts of North America, so that may prove more challenging than it sounds.

Sadly, Kato didn’t offer any further information regarding the polls that he referenced – but the snippet does tally with data that we’ve seen around the web. Of course, consumer interest is meaningless unless it’s converted into actual sales. With systems such as the Vita struggling to attract attention, Sony’s going to have to keep its foot on the gas right through Christmas and into the New Year if it intends to maintain the PS4's momentum.

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