Don't tweet on the beach

It’s nice to know that Sony’s going out of its way to rebuild bridges with the undoubtedly irritated Rockstar Games. Not content with pushing out a hackable version of Grand Theft Auto V this week, the manufacturer has now set the web alight by hinting that the upcoming sandbox adventure’s coming to the PlayStation 4. Of course, it’s not – well, not yet, anyway.

“Grand Theft Auto V is going to be amazing – especially on the PS4,” a community manager wrote on Sony UK’s fairly popular Twitter page. But despite retweeting a handful of excited responses, the firm was forced to apologise not long later. “Apologies for the typo about Grand Theft Auto V,” said the no doubt flustered employee. “It's due for release on the PS3 on the 17th September.”

Chatting with Kotaku, a Rockstar Games representative pointed out that the original Tweet wasn’t published on PlayStation’s main European account, sounding the accuracy alarm bells. Of course, another spate of Sony related drama is unlikely to endear the platform holder to the already annoyed publisher. We reckon that SCEE president Jim Ryan’s going to have to buy the firm a bigger box of ‘I’m sorry’ chocolates.

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