Lemmings Touch

Lost among the cavalcade of indie announcements, Sony has half-heartedly confirmed that it’s bringing a brand new Lemmings title to the PlayStation Vita. Predictably dubbed Lemmings Touch, the title has been completely redesigned around the handheld's inputs. Instead of using a cumbersome cursor, for example, you’ll order your green-haired minions around the world by tapping on them and pulling up a radial menu.

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The title – which is due out before the end of the year – will include a combination of new and classic maps. According to an interview with executive producer James Harkins on The Average Gamer, the platform holder has collaborated with various fansites to select the best stages from earlier games. On top of all of that, the title will feature a handful of fresh Lemmings types. Sadly, the company is keeping those under wraps for the time being.

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