Motley crew

Those pesky Disney Infinity toys may be stealing all of the headlines at the moment, but Activision’s own family friendly collectathon is not taking it lying down. Skylanders: Swap Force – which, for the first time, let’s you mix and match character parts – is due out on every platform under the sun this year, including the PlayStation 4.

On location at GamesCom, our friends over at Family Gamer TV got an exclusive first-look at the next generation version of the release. The video shows protagonist Spyro (yeah, we know it’s not the real PSone-era hero) stomping around a wintery environment, breathing fire. According to Vicarious Visions’ gaffer Guha Bala, the game is running at 1080p and is much more detailed on Sony’s futuristic format. It'll also support Remote Play.

You can check out lots more of the game in action on Family Gamer TV’s channel, including footage of the Grilla Driller model, as well as the PS4’s all-important Portal of Power. This is certainly one for the youngsters, but it may help you to justify that expensive console purchase to your other half.