Of all the PlayStation titles announced during Sony’s big GamesCom press conference, Housemarque’s so-called spiritual successor to Super Stardust HD was always a lock. Brilliantly dubbed ResoGun, the eye-watering PlayStation 4 shmup sees you conducting oversaturated symphonies on a cylindrical plane.

“It’s not all about destroying everything that moves,” said Mikael Haveri on the PlayStation Blog. “On top of shooting down the enemy forces, players get to rescue small dudes trapped by the invading alien swarm. There will also be a bunch of different ships, co-op multiplayer, plus a ton of things that we can’t really talk about just yet.”

Even better, the title will be available at launch as part of PlayStation Plus. Observe the fireworks in the trailer embedded below, and don’t forget to let us know if this has flipped your phasers to fun in the comments section.