Ooh, this is a fascinating little tidbit. Bluepoint Games, the Austin-based studio behind the God of War Collection and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, is currently “bringing a Sony classic to current game systems”. The snippet is mentioned as part of a couple of job listings, but no additional information is offered.

Judging by the wording, it sounds like the company is working on yet another high-definition compilation for the PlayStation 3 and Vita – but with many of the Japanese giant’s biggest franchises already exploited, what could the collection possibly comprise? The likes of SOCOM and Syphon Filter seem unlikely, as do The Getaway and Dark Cloud. We’re stumped.

In addition to the mysterious PlayStation classic, the job listings also mention that the outfit is teaming its “technical expertise with an industry leading developer on a next-gen, blockbuster franchise”. We’re not even going to bother speculating about that, because it could be anything. What do you think that the studio’s up to? Let us know in the comments section below.

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