War of attrition

As part of a question and answer session on Reddit, an Xbox One developer has admitted that the PlayStation 4 is more powerful than Microsoft’s machine. Despite this, the operating system engineer noted that the size of the gulf in performance is still up for debate, and that the games on the Redmond-based company’s console look excellent regardless.

“The facts are on paper, the PS4 has better specs, and the most that you can debate is by how much,” said the refreshingly candid employee. “What I can tell you is that I have played Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, and Ryse on the Xbox One, and they look as good as the games that I play on a high-end PC. Ryse reminded me of Darksiders II.”

Earlier in the year, Digital Foundry declared that the PS4 is the more powerful of the two machines, too. However, despite plenty of confidence on Sony’s part, it’s not yet clear what practical advantages these hardware enhancements will provide. We’ll probably have to wait until both systems are readily available before we're able to decipher any noticeable differences.

[source reddit.com]