Puppeteer may be in full costume ahead of its September curtain call, but many are hoping that the PlayStation 3 release is merely a dress rehearsal for a subsequent PlayStation Vita version. However, according to the game’s creative director Gavin Moore, that’s a request that you should be making to the top brass at Sony Computer Entertainment.

“We’re a small team, so we’ve been concentrating on the PS3 edition,” the Japan Studio veteran told us as part of a recent interview. “I know that there have been plenty of pleas for a Vita version, but that’s just not a decision that I make in Japan. That’s for the top people. I’m sure if you shout loud enough, [Worldwide Studios president] Shuhei Yoshida will make it happen.”

Should it get the go-ahead, though, Moore cautioned that a straight conversion of the console title would be unfair on fans of the fledgling portable. “The thing with the Vita version is because of the touch screens and stuff, you’d want to incorporate something more," he said. "You could just do a straight port, but I don’t think that’s best for Vita owners.”

You know what you need to do if you want to see Kutaro and crew take to the stage on the Vita’s delicious OLED display, then. Once you’re done assaulting Yoshida-san’s social feed, don’t forget to read up on the impending platformer through here.