The Pinball Arcade

If you’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with The Pinball Arcade over the past few months – this particularly author is writing from experience – then you may be wondering what will happen to all of your previous purchases come the release of the PlayStation 4 version later in the year. Currently, buying a table pack nets you the arena on the PlayStation 3 and Vita, but will that goodwill continue with Sony’s next generation platform, too?

Well, not quite. Writing on its official Facebook page, developer Farsight Studios has announced that the impending port will take advantage of a new cross-discount initiative. “Sony has announced a cross-discount feature for the PS4,” the developer explained. “This will allow us to offer customers who have previously purchased The Pinball Arcade content on other Sony platforms a discount when they buy that content on the PS4.”

It’s unclear how much that discount will be, but it sounds like a generous practice for the outfit to adopt. After all, it’s not merely copying and pasting the tables to the new platform, but actually putting in an enormous amount of work. “Our new PS4 lighting technology allows us to model individual lights for each of the 100 plus lamps on the typical pinball table, complete with attenuation, blooms, and reflections,” the company continued.

And you can see the results of that attention to detail in the trailer embedded below. Forget about inFAMOUS: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Knackthis is the PS4’s real killer app.