Killzone: Shadow Fall - Echo

Ever since its inception, the Killzone franchise has threatened to deliver a compelling narrative. Sadly, developer Guerrilla Games has gone out of its way to ignore the legitimately fascinating lore that it conceived, focusing instead on dreary characters and some genuinely atrocious writing. However, the Dutch developer’s aiming to put things right with upcoming PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Jamie Gray Hyder

While the moment-to-moment specifics of the story are being kept under wraps, the company has at least employed some big stars to bring it to life. As a Shadow Marshal tasked with keeping the peace between the warring Vektans and iconic Helghast, you’ll serve Security Agency director Sinclair, who will be portrayed by Homeland star David Harewood. You’ll be up against Echo, a Helghast intelligence operative played by True Blood actress Jamie Gray Hyder.

Each performer has provided motion capture work and dialogue for the game, which should result in some slick cinematics. Of course, the script will need to be up to par if the plot is to come good on its promise. At least the characters look cool, though – Echo could be the most interesting adversary since Colonel Radec.