Mark Cerny

As far as we’re concerned, the PlayStation 3 controller is easily the most versatile peripheral on the market. It suits sports games, platformers, and more. However, some would argue that the device is not compatible with first-person shooters, and while it’s not a sentiment that we necessarily agree with, it’s feedback that Sony took to heart when designing the DualShock 4.

“Historically, we have heard many times that our controllers have not been ideal for first-person shooters,” lead architect Mark Cerny told Stuff in an interview. “So, we wanted to make sure that we had something that would be much better for that genre. We tested the throw of the triggers, the position of the triggers, [and] how much pressure it takes. We looked at the joysticks, the dead spot, and we looked at convexity and concavity.”

The result, according to Cerny, is “extraordinarily natural”. Having got our hands on the controller recently, we have to agree – the triggers are a massive improvement over the already excellent DualShock 3, and the device is generally much more ergonomic than its current generation counterpart. You can read our thoughts on the peripheral through here – or just stare tenderly at the picture of Mark Cerny modelling the unit above.