Real Boxing

Bloodied noses and bruised cheekbones will occupy your PlayStation Vita’s delicious OLED screen from 27th August in North America, as Vivid Games has confirmed that Real Boxing is mere weeks away from release. European fighters will have to wait an extra day to step into the ring, as the simulation is set to hold back its haymakers until 28th August overseas.

The game – an upgraded version of the popular smartphone title – sees you rising through the ranks on the boxing circuit, transforming a budding brawler into a global star. It will include online multiplayer, regular tournaments, and Near functionality, too – all in addition to those important button-based controls. Other improvements include refreshed visuals and a deeper combo system.

Unfortunately, the price for all of those enhancements may feel like a right hook to the face, as the game weighs in at a whopping £7.99/$9.99. Considering the mobile version is significantly cheaper, we suspect that that may end up proving a Mike Tyson-sized deterrent for the majority of you. Still, it certainly looks the part. Will you be touching gloves with the re-release? Let us know in the comments section below.

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