Japan Studio’s stunning PlayStation 3 exclusive Puppeteer may be sitting outside of the spotlight, but the snippets that we’ve seen suggest that it deserves a nudge into the centre of the stage. The imminent side-scroller sees you take control of Kutaro, a wooden hero without a head. Fortunately, the protagonist can collect different noggins, ranging from Hamburgers to Sushi.

These replacement craniums augment the protagonist with new powers. “The Knight Head will enable you to deflect incoming projectiles with the Shield Power – a useful method for dealing with some of Puppeteer’s massive bosses,” explained creative director Gavin Moore. “With the Ninja Head you’ll wield the powerful Bomb Power, which enables you to hurl explosives at enemies.”

Other options include the Moon Pirate Head, which equips you with a grappling hook and a lust for rum, as well as the Wrestler Head, which allows you to bodyslam foes and shatter parts of the environment. Sadly, there are no PlayStation-inspired pates in the game – a missed opportunity if you ask us.

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