Ultra Street Fighter IV

Series producer Yoshinori Ono has KO’d any hopes of the recently announced Ultra Street Fighter IV punching its way onto the PlayStation 4. In a series of Tweets, the Capcom legend admitted that the publisher has no plans to release the title on any platforms beyond current generation consoles. It’s a real shame, because those Ultra Moves would look spectacular with the added grunt of new hardware.

Elsewhere, the fighting game luminary admitted that there has been plenty of interest in a PlayStation Vita release, but stopped short of confirming a portable port. “I understand that many people have ordered it,” he said of the hypothetical handheld edition. Street Fighter X Tekken and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 deployed on the system, so it could yet happen.

Capcom confirmed Ultra Street Fighter IV at the EVO Championships last week, revealing that the expansion will include five fresh characters, several new stages, and a selection of feedback-fuelled balance tweaks. You’ll be able to purchase the re-release at retail, or as a $15 add-on for the existing Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

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