Pushing you over the edge

Killzone: Shadow Fall may be the showcase title for the PlayStation 4, but it’s hardly reinventing the wheel when it comes to pre-order bonuses. Picking up the surprisingly dense first-person shooter at participating retailers will reward you with the Shadow Pack, an exclusive offering that includes a handful of in-game extras.

Headlining the add-on is a unique batch of OWL skins, which will personalise your robotic sidekick in battle. “Who says that combat drones need to be devoid of personality?” asked Guerrilla Games’ Poria Torkan on the PlayStation Blog. We hope that that’s a rhetorical question, because we honestly don’t know the answer.

The pre-order pack will also come with a special multiplayer victory move, and a copy of the game’s cinematic soundtrack. All fairly standard stuff, then, but probably enough to secure your pre-order.

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