Guacamelee! El Diablo's Domain 1

So, you've conquered the great evil. You've bested the best of the best demonic fighters, and defeated all of the gruelling physical trials that the big, bad boss managed to throw at you. Well, it's time to put down that afternoon tequila, slip into your wrestling pants, dust off your magical mask, and jump into the ultimate test of skill that is Guacamelee!'s newest DLC: El Diablo's Domain.

If you've been resting on your laurels and subsequently ignoring your luchador training, you'll be in for a rough ride when it comes to Juan's latest adventure. You'll need to make use of every skill that's acquired throughout the main game, from the basic double jump to the most complex aerial manoeuvres, if you're to make it through these brutal new environments in one piece.

Guacamelee! El Diablo's Domain 2

Despite the added spice of masochism, the add-on retains the feel of the vanilla game, requiring you to smash up the same flesh-less foes that permeated the original release. You'll also come across numerous platforming puzzles that seem awfully familiar, just dramatically more difficult. It goes without saying that if you enjoyed headbutting and uppercutting your way through this fever-dream Mexico the first time, then you'll feel right at home with this relatively lengthy slice of content.

That said, much of the DLC's longevity comes directly from its unforgiving nature. As it was with many of the fights from the latter half of the main campaign, just one clumsy mistake during any of the new and deadly brawls can cost you your entire life bar, be it that single missed punch or that foolishly misplaced throw.

Indeed, the enemy combinations found during your stay in the underworld will test your timing and reactions to the extreme, serving up relentless groups of baddies that refuse to give you even a moment of pause. It's because of this that some challenges can seem a little on the cheap side, but at the same time, the satisfaction of besting such daunting adversaries often makes the ordeal worth it.

Guacamelee! El Diablo's Domain 3

And you won't be leaving empty handed, either. The DLC does a decent job of rewarding your courage depending on how quickly or how well you complete each task. With bronze, silver, and gold rankings up for grabs, there's arguably a lot of replayability on offer if you're eager to better yourself. Based on varying degrees of success, you'll be given access to new costumes that are both pleasing to the eye and grant bonuses to various stats, such as your health and stamina.

All in all, El Diablo's Domain offers a somewhat inexpensive excuse to once again flex your luchador spirit and dive back into Guacamelee!. However, for anyone but the most brilliantly skilled players, frustration is bound to factor into the experience due to the content's demanding nature. If you're confident that you can survive the onslaught without hurling your DualShock 3, or worse, Vita, across the room, then by all means head back down into the depths.

Guacamelee!: El Diablo's Domain is available now for £1.99/$2.99. Are you planning to pick it up? Let us know in the comments section below.