Aren’t you a crafty bunch, Curve Studios? In an interview published over the weekend, the London-based outfit’s managing director Jason Perkins teased an indie project that it was working on behind-the-scenes, but it failed to give us the scoop. Now it’s confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that the title in question is procedurally generated first-person dream-‘em-up Proteus, which is due out later this year on the PlayStation 3 and Vita.

The award winning adventure – originally created by Ed Key and David Kanaga – takes you on a journey across an uninhabited island. “The game plays through all four seasons before the end, and it’s nearly impossible to see everything in the game with one play through,” explained manager Rob Clarke. “Everything that you encounter as you explore has its own musical signature, so just like the island, the music changes depending on where you choose to go.”

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Much like Thomas Was Alone – which Curve Studios also ported to the PlayStation platforms – the developer is aiming to build the definitive version of the unique indie hit. “We’ve been working with Ed to make the PlayStation versions [of Proteus] even better than the PC original, and over the next few months we’re going to have more information on how we’re using the power of the PS3 and Vita to bring the absolute best experience to you guys,” Clarke concluded.

As has already been mentioned on the site countless times, the PlayStation brand is really becoming something of a haven for indie developers, and there’s no sign of that changing any time soon. Are you looking forward to learning more about this game? Let us know in the comments section below.