Atomic Ninjas

Few things are cooler than ninjas, but Atomic Ninjas rank among them. While we’ll never get the opportunity to practice our Ninjutsu poses in space, at least the fine folks at Grip Games are giving us the next best thing. The studio’s upcoming PlayStation 3 and Vita brawler – a tantalising marriage between Crash Commando and Fat Princess – sees you testing your sneaky side as you attempt to off fellow intergalactic insurgents in online battle arenas.

Unlike most competitive affairs, though, you won’t be able to slay your adversaries with a shot to the head. Instead, you’ll need to make cunning use of the hazardous environments in order to debilitate your foes. The full release will support Sony’s cross-buy initiative, meaning that you’ll only need to pay once to unlock the title on your PS3 and Vita. Furthermore, the game will include cross-play and cross-save functionality, as well as split-screen multiplayer and offline single player matches against bots.

The title’s set to creep onto your consoles like a crouching tiger later this year. Has it got the hidden dragon inside of you roaring to know more? Then point your peepers at the trailer embedded below, and remember to check back over the coming weeks.