Like a normal GAME, just with a lot less choice

Much like GameStop in North America, GAME is the biggest specialist video game retailer in the UK, stocking a diverse range of software for all of the major consoles. However, you won’t be able to purchase PlayStation content at the giant’s latest branch in Shoreditch, London – because it will only stock Xbox related products.

The brand new store – set to open later this week – has been designed to promote Microsoft’s various machines, and will feature “gaming pods, head-to-head challenge areas, a Microsoft Surface display, and the latest and greatest in Xbox hardware and software”. We’re assuming that this means that GAME will be one of the few retailers able to accept used games for the Xbox One.

Still, the timing seems odd. We could understand if this was a Microsoft-funded venture – Sony did something similar on Oxford Street for the PlayStation Vita – but the fact that it’s a direct partnership with GAME is strange. There’s no word on whether the company’s planning similar outlets for Sony or Nintendo platforms. Perhaps people in Shoreditch just really, really like the Xbox brand.