Don't do it

While new firmware updates for the PlayStation 3 are occassionally a source of excitement, v4.45 is proving to be nothing but a headache. The stability refresh which launched overnight – and has since been pulled – has caused a gaggle of console owners some serious problems, resulting in their systems failing to boot. Sony’s said that it’s “investigating the issue”.

The download had promised some minor software upgrades and a new option to turn off Trophy notifications at a system level. But it’s resulted in the XMB failing to display on a wealth of systems, rendering the consoles useless. The platform holder’s yet to explain how it intends to restore the broken machines, but we’re sure that its support team’s in for a busy day.

Again, the update has been pulled at the time of typing – but if you do happen to see a notification telling you to refresh your system’s software, we’re going to advise that you steer clear until Sony offers some more information. Let us know if you’ve had any issues with the update in the comments section below.

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