Warzone is such a good multiplayer mode that we’re surprised that it hasn’t been copied by more developers. For those unfamiliar with the Killzone competitive staple, it’s a team-based affair that includes dynamic objectives. So, one minute you might be playing Team Deathmatch, and the next minute Search and Destroy. The nature of the mode means that you’re forced to adapt tactics swiftly.

And fortunately it’s making a comeback in the upcoming PlayStation Vita title Killzone: Mercenary. As confirmed by developer Guerrilla Games, the mode will be accompanied by two other options: Mercenary Warfare and Guerrilla Warfare. The former is a free-for-all playlist in which you must attempt to earn as much cash as possible in a strict time limit. Meanwhile, the latter is essentially just Team Deathmatch.

The developer’s announced six maps thus far, including the seedy Marketplace and the rundown fishing village Shoreline. You can learn a little more about the game and its multiplayer component over on the Killzone website. Remember, you can get early access to the title’s beta by completing several E3 specific quests in PlayStation Home.

[source killzone.com, via joystiq.com]