When it rains, it pours. Clearly not content with the wealth of PlayStation 4 announcements over the past couple of days, Zombie Studios has added yet another release to the platform’s bulging lineup. This time it’s supernatural thriller Daylight that has been confirmed for the console, according to the folks over at The Sixth Axis. Apparently the title was revealed overnight during an episode of GTTV.

The Unreal Engine 4 powered horror game was previously announced as a PC exclusive, but it seems like Sony’s aggressive indie initiative is paying dividends yet again. The first-person adventure features randomly generated environments, meaning that you’ll never be able to predict when the scares are set to hit.

Zombie Studios is, of course, also working on Blacklight: Retribution for the PS4, so it makes sense that it would port its other title over. We’re just curious how long Microsoft’s going to allow its closest competitor to walk all over the Xbox One in the indie space. Surely the manufacturer will have a response at E3?

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