Following this week’s announcement, Digital Extremes has deployed the first cinematic trailer for its upcoming PlayStation 4 launch title, Warframe. The free-to-play third-person shooter sees you assume the role of a futuristic ninja, who has access to a variety of firearms and melee weapons. The title will run in 1080p on Sony’s next generation console, and is set to get its first unveiling at E3 next week.

While it will play similarly to its PC counterpart, the Canadian developer is adding some interesting new features to the PS4 version. You’ll be able to use the DualShock 4’s touchpad, for example, to initiate powers when you’re on the run. “Want to lunge and smash with your Rhino Warframe?” asked creative director Steve Sinclair on the PlayStation Blog. “Swipe your thumb up on the touchpad and you’ll charge like a battering ram into a group of helpless enemies.”

The title will also feature an alerts system that’s built into an iOS and Android application named the Warframe Nexus. You can check out the game’s first trailer in the space below, which includes some interesting languages.

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