The Darkness II developer Digital Extremes has only been working on the PlayStation 4 for about three months, but it’s already pieced together a build of its upcoming free-to-play shooter Warframe for the platform. It’s that kind of efficiency that’s prompted the studio to fall in love with the hardware, which creative director Steve Sinclair has described as “kickass”.

“[The PS4] is a dream to work with,” he said in an interview with IGN. “The architecture is amazing, and the unified memory is incredible. It allows us to do general purpose threading, and the GPU is absolutely kickass. The game’s running at 1080p, and that’s just after three months with the [development] kit. We love it.”

And judging by the short snippets of footage embedded below, we’re going to fall in love with Warframe, too. The free-to-play shooter is currently in open beta on the PC, but it looks absolutely gorgeous running on Sony’s next generation system. We're fascinated by the release’s fusion of fast-paced melee combat and third-person shooting, and we must admit that it’s got us gagging for a go.

It’s a good thing, then, that the game will be available to download on launch day. “Although Sony hasn’t told us the day and date [of the PS4’s launch], Warframe will be available day one,” Sinclair added. “We’re not launch window, we’re a launch title. We’re going to be there when the console is in your hands.” We actually can’t wait.

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