Blacklight: Retribution

Zombie Studios’ highly-customisable first-person shooter Blacklight: Retribution is set to fire onto the PlayStation 4 as part of Sony’s ongoing free-to-play push, and speaking in the latest instalment of the platform holder’s Conversations with Creators initiative, the developer has admitted that the game probably wouldn’t have existed in its current guise on the PlayStation 3.

“Previously, a game like Blacklight: Retribution would never have been an indie game on this type of platform,” said studio director Jared Gerritzen. “It would have had to be something more artistic, and not have guns and grenades and a dubstep soundtrack. But anyone can come to Sony and say, ‘I’ve got an amazing idea, and I can do it.’ We want to make our games so much better, and Sony’s really allowing us as independent developers to do that. And, ultimately, it’s going to allow the gamers to experience the things that the developers wanted to make, rather than what they had to make.”

Sony’s opened the floodgates for indie development over the past twelve months, with bizarre initiatives such as parental simulator Octodad: Dadliest Catch in the PS4’s pipeline. With ideas as utterly deranged as that one on the horizon, it’s hardly surprising that the Japanese giant didn’t have any trouble greenlighting a dystopian gun fest fuelled by a microtransaction model.