PlayStation 4

It looks like Sony has heeded our advice, and opted to prioritise Europe ahead of the launch of the PlayStation 4. CVG claims that the manufacturer has earmarked the region as one of its most important targets, and has committed to do “whatever it takes” in order to release its next generation console in the territory this year. Previously, reports had suggested that the console may get delayed until 2014 in the important area.

According to insider sources, the platform holder suspects that Microsoft may attempt to make inroads in the region with its own next generation system, and, as such, it’s unwilling to surrender the stronghold to its closest competitor. Despite some shabby treatment over the years, Europe has generally been PlayStation’s most popular territory, with the corporation moving 30 million PS3s in the area alone.

CVG notes that it’s unclear whether the PS4 will be in short supply this holiday, but that the organisation is willing to make both Europe and North America a priority over its native Japan if that should be the case. It’s a topic that we raised in a recent Talking Point, where we stated that the firm must “break tradition” and focus on the West. Thus far, the company has refused to comment on this morning’s speculation, but we sincerely hope that there’s some truth to the report.