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The PlayStation brand has always represented more than merely games. For example, the PSone’s disc-based technology felt futuristic at the time, while the DVD format owes much of its popularity to the PlayStation 2. As such, it’s pretty safe to assume that the PlayStation 4 will boast its fair share of media applications – it’s just not something that Sony’s interested in discussing at the moment.

“We know that people like these functions, such as Netflix, and use them a lot,” Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told EDGE magazine. “So, it’s not like we are no longer going to do these functions, but especially for the announcement event, we wanted to show how the game experiences will change with the PS4, because that’s the biggest focus for us.”

Yoshida added that once Sony’s finished focusing on games, it will begin to communicate some of the other functions of its impending machine. With Microsoft rumoured to be going all in on multimedia capabilities, the PS4’s game-centric approach may prove a smart move – especially when you know that it’s going to be able to stream all of your favourite television shows anyway.

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