Kevin Butler knows about greatness

There will be no crying babies, pregnant women, or weird Scottish girls in the PlayStation 4’s first big marketing push. Siliconera claims to have obtained information regarding the next generation console’s inaugural promotional campaign, which will supposedly use the tagline ‘Greatness Awaits’. If genuine, we suspect that someone’s sitting on the naughty step right now.

Apparently, the initial spot will reference both Killzone: Shadow Fall and Bungie’s upcoming Destiny visually, the latter of which will include exclusive content on Sony’s impending system. The spot will show a lone protagonist walking down a deserted street, while buildings crumble and supporters eventually emerge to join his cause.

The commercial will even subtly reference some of the console’s features. “Who are you to be anonymous? You, whose name should be spoken in reverent tones or in terrified whispers,” the script currently reads, reflecting the PS4’s ability to display your real name. "Who are you to be afraid? You, who can serve as judge and jury while hoarding infinite lives."

The spot will conclude with the quote: "Who are you to deny greatness? If you would deny it to yourself, you deny it to the entire world." We quite like the dialogue, but judging from Siliconera’s description, we reckon that it will take a special performance in order to prevent it from feeling cheesy. It’s not like Sony’s a stranger to great ads, though – it produced the brilliant ‘Double Life’, after all.

And, of course, we still don’t really know whether this is final. It could merely be a proposal, or an old concept that’s been scrapped. The platform holder is rumoured to be debuting the PS4’s first commercial during the Champion’s League final on 25th May. The wait goes on.

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