Real Boxing

Smartphone smash Real Boxing is set to hook onto the PlayStation Vita this August, developer Vivid Games has announced. The Unreal Engine-powered knockout simulator stung iOS late last year, before picking a fight with Android earlier this month. Now it’s set to spar with Sony’s premium portable, where it will take advantage of the platform’s physical inputs.

"With the exception of the cardiovascular benefits or the threat of actual, physical pain, Real Boxing is exactly that – real boxing," said CEO Remi Koscielny. “We've crammed everything fans love about the sport of boxing into the Vita, making it one of the most comprehensive sports titles available for the system. We cannot wait to throw our hat into the ring this August."

The port will include a full career mode, training option, and character customisation. In addition, it will boast local and online multiplayer, as well as a handful of “special tournaments”. It’s also probably worth pointing out that the visuals are pretty impressive. This is going to shine like a purple bruise on the handheld’s enormous OLED display.