Make your voice heard

While the bungled messaging coming out of Microsoft isn’t doing the Xbox One any favours at the moment, we still don’t actually know Sony’s official stance on used games for the PlayStation 4. The company’s said that its console will support pre-owned content, but it hasn’t mentioned whether this will command an unlock fee like its closest competitor’s machine.

In a way, it finds itself in a privileged position – able to observe the backlash to the Redmond-based manufacturer’s recently revealed system, and make an informed decision based upon that. And with its policies still presumably undecided, gamers are taking to Twitter to make their feelings known to high-ranking PlayStation executives.

The motion – which started on NeoGAF, but has gone viral over the past 24 hours – simply asks gamers against used game restrictions to post messages including the hashtags ‘#PS4noDRM’ and ‘#PS4UsedGames’. A number of notable PlayStation employees have already responded to the movement, with SCEA’s Scott Rohde remarking, “I love passionate PlayStation fans.” Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida’s yet to comment, but you can bet that he’s reading.

It’s unclear what kind of impact this will have, but we think that it’s heartening that fans are at least trying to influence the platform holder’s final decision. The word on the street is that Sony was going to include similar restrictions to those being touted for the Xbox One, but the company is now reconsidering following the negative response to last week’s announcements. This could potentially push the firm over the edge.

Are you against the practice of essentially shutting out used games? Will you be adding your voice to the snowballing campaign? Let us know in the comments section below.