"We're almost there"

Official information on the oft-delayed PlayStation 3 exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII could be right around the corner. Speaking as part of a web show hosted by publisher Square Enix, director Tetsuya Nomura hinted that while details regarding the title are still "sensitive", the firm has set a date for the game's re-reveal behind-the-scenes.

“Any information about Versus is very sensitive, even within the company,” the long-term employee explained. “We’ve been quiet about it for the past year, but the day of being able to remove its information ban has already been decided, and we’re currently preparing for that day. When that time comes, we’ll also reveal our reason for the delay of any form of announcement.”

There’s been some speculation that Final Fantasy Versus XIII was scrapped and resurrected as Final Fantasy XV. According to rumours posted earlier in the year, Sony is supposedly co-developing the title, which will launch as an exclusive on the manufacturer’s next generation system. Square Enix did show up during the PS4 press conference, where it promised to share more details about a new Final Fantasy game at E3. Could that be the date that Nomura’s referring to? We’ll have to wait and see.

[source square-enix-shop.com, via siliconera.com]