Soul Sacrifice

You won’t have to enter an awkward arrangement with the underworld in order to test out Soul Sacrifice for the PlayStation Vita. Sony’s announced that it’s serving up a sizeable demo for the monster slayer from 16th April in North America and 17th April in Europe, which will allow you to trial the opening moments of the game.

“The demo begins in despair, with you in the role of a captive imprisoned by a ruthless mage and awaiting sacrifice,” explained producer Kumi Yuasa on the PlayStation Blog. “The looming promise of certain death is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious book. The tome, inexplicably able to think and speak, introduces itself as Librom.”

Librom holds a special power, allowing you to experience the contents that are scribbled within, forming the backdrop for the adventure. We were informed that you’ll be able to transfer your save data from the demo to the final release, but there’s no mention of that in the official blog post. We’ll double-check with Sony to make sure. While you wait patiently for a response, why not watch the interview with creator Keiji Inafune embedded below?

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