Hitting back

While fans and parts of the media criticised Sony’s decision to lead with Knack when it announced the PlayStation 4 earlier in the year, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has told EDGE magazine that the emphasis on the somewhat cutesy platformer was entirely intentional – to prove that the next generation system will host more than just action games.

He explained: "[Director Mark Cerny’s] idea was like, ‘What about a Crash Bandicoot for PS4?’ When he suggested the concept of Knack, we were like, ‘Yeah, we hate to see all the PS4 games being first-person shooters or action adventure or very photorealistic’, you know, big-budget blockbuster games."

Yoshida has made a point of bringing experimental experiences to both the PlayStation 3 and Vita over the past few years, with unusual releases such as Tokyo Jungle, Journey, and The Unfinished Swan leading the platform holder’s line-up. The luminary hinted that this approach is likely to continue on the PS4.

“We know that people like [action games],” he concluded. “But these are not the only kinds of games that people can have fun with." Is there anything in particular that you’d like to see the company commission for its next generation platform? Shoot us some ideas on the back of a postcard, or, preferably, in the comments section below.

[source edge-online.com, via nowgamer.com]