Stealth Bastard

Explodemon developer Curve Studios must not get time to breathe these days. Not content with porting indie hits Thomas Was Alone and Lone Survivor to the PlayStation 3 and Vita, the British-based developer has now confirmed that it’s beavering away on a cross-platform smash of its own named, er, Stealth B**tard. You obviously get the idea.

The title originally released on Steam last year, and promises a “deadly stealth platform game with a fast paced twist”. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? “Following your birth in a cloning lab, you find yourself trapped in a vast and overwhelming network of dastardly chambers, replete with vicious, yet hilarious, booby traps and deranged robots,” explained lead designer Sam Robinson on the PlayStation Blog.

The full game will feature over 80 levels, spread across eight unique worlds. Furthermore, the release will support cross-buy, meaning that you'll only need to buy it once to play it on both the PS3 and Vita. The only problem is its name. “We’d like to present our fans with an opportunity to be a part of Stealth B**tard’s journey to PlayStation,” Robinson added. “We want to rename Stealth B**tard to something less profane – it’s just too rude!”

The studio’s giving you the chance to submit your own ideas. Enter the competition via the developer’s website, and you could win a spot in the credits, a copy of the game, and a Vita console. Not bad, huh? If you do enter, don’t forget to share your suggestions in the comments section below – unless you think it’s so good that someone might steal it.