PlayStation Vita Firmware Update v2.10

We never thought that we’d be excited over the addition of folders to the PlayStation Vita, but now that the overdue functionality’s finally arrived, we’re struggling to contain our delight. Starting from later this evening in North America and tomorrow in Europe, you’ll be able to download the latest firmware update for the portable console, and finally organise your game and application icons in a cohesive manner.

In addition to the folders feature – which works pretty much as you’d expect it to – you’ll also find a slew of improvements added as part of update v2.10. For example, you’ll now be able to play videos in the console’s web browser, as well as message multiple PlayStation Network friends at once. Furthermore, you’ll be given the option to upload game saves to the cloud with a 3G connection, and even view HTML messages via the system’s email application.

You can learn more about the imminent update courtesy of the trailer embedded below. Alternatively, divert your attention to the PlayStation Blog for the full list of tweaks, changes, and enhancements. Feel free to go nuts over the addition of folders in the comments section below. What was that Nintendo 3DS owners? Nah, the joke’s obsolete now.

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