Not your average Rubik's cube

The hunt for holocubes will continue on the PlayStation Network later this year, as Ubisoft has announced a Bionic Commando Rearmed-esque remake of the Amiga classic Flashback for Sony’s digital storefront. Development is being led by Paul Cuisset, the lead designer on the original 1992 release.

For those unfamiliar with the title, the game zips you up in Conrad B. Hart’s leather jacket, and sees you embark on an adventure to “save humanity from an invasion of alien Morphs set on absorbing our minds and incorporating our species”. The cut-scenes look a bit hokey in the trailer embedded below, but we reckon that the 2.5D gameplay looks slick enough.

There’s no word on a firm release date just yet, but the French publisher hints that the game will launch “in the coming months”. There’s still plenty of time for the protagonist to perfect Nathan Drake’s five o’clock shadow, then.