Let sleeping dragons lie

While you may already know that Muteki Corporation’s gorgeous retro role-playing homage Dragon Fantasy: Book II is exploring the PlayStation 3 and Vita sometime this year, you may not know that its predecessor is also making the jump later this month. Series creator Adam Rippon confirmed the news in an interview with Destructoid, and the studio has since followed up with a full trailer of the port.

Apparently, the team decided to remake the original Dragon Fantasy while it was beavering away on the title’s sequel – and added in a few new features along the way. In addition to cross-buy and cross-save support, the re-release will also boast a new 16-bit visual skin, but you’ll be able to switch back to the original graphics if you prefer. The title will set you back around $9.99. Check out the footage embedded below, and let us know if you’re interested in the comments section.

[source destructoid.com]