Pinballarcade 2

The Pinball Arcade is launching onto the PlayStation 4, developer Farsight Studios has confirmed. As part of a PlayStation Blog post outlining the title’s upcoming DLC schedule, the company revealed that it is currently hard at work on the next generation edition of its popular pinball simulator.

“We’ll be adding rendering technology for per pixel ray casting, area lights [and] shadows, point lights and screen space ambient occlusion,” said director of development Bobby King. “We’re very confident that we can add all of these features on the PS4 and maintain the smooth 60 frames-per-second that you need in a pinball game.”

The studio’s also planning to update the physics and gameplay on all of the DLC tables that it’s released so far. You can learn a little more about the company’s plans through here. Meanwhile, if you’re curious about The Pinball Arcade on PS3 or Vita, check out our review.