It's a cover up

An interview with Moby Dick Studio’s bandaged CEO Joakim Mogren has confirmed that The Phantom Pain is running on the FOX Engine, the new development platform from Kojima Productions. As teased yesterday, the so-called executive appeared on an episode of GTTV last night, where he insisted on avoiding virtually every question asked him. We’ll learn more at GDC, apparently.

Unsurprisingly, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is set to keynote a panel at the San Francisco-based conference, adding more fuel to the Metal Gear Solid 5 rumours. During the interview, Mogren showed host Geoff Keighley a batch of new The Phantom Pain screenshots on his iPad, confirming the game’s use of the FOX Engine. If you need any more evidence regarding Kojima Productions’ involvement, point your browser through here.

You can watch the interview for yourself on GameTrailers. It’s honestly one of the most bizarre gaming publicity stunts that we’ve ever seen, but it seems to be working – the hype surrounding this short three minute interview was palpable on message boards and Twitter last night. GDC is set to take place between 25th and 29th March. The wait goes on.