Primal Carnage: Genesis

Sony’s set GDC on fire with a slew of new game reveals, but few announcements left a greater trail of destruction than Primal Carnage: Genesis. The episodic PlayStation 4 adventure sees you explore an island filled with dinosaurs. It kind of looks like Jurassic Park mixed with Blade Runner. Unsurprisingly, the Unreal Engine 4-powered visuals are breathtaking.

The title will play out from a first-person perspective, but it’s unclear how the gameplay will actually unfold. Developer Lukewarm Games promises a “mixture of linear gameplay and first-person exploration”. All we know is that the dinosaur shown off in the teaser trailer below looks absolutely stunning.

There’s been a real lack of dinosaur games this generation, so we’re glad that the PS4 is rectifying that oversight from the off. Check out the trailer and let us know if you like what you see in the comments section below.