Star Wars: First Assault 1

On the day that LucasFilm has decided to ditch new episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Kotaku has used its Jedi powers to unearth information about a brand new downloadable game named Star Wars: First Assault. The first-person shooter – which was originally spotted on Xbox Live Arcade last year – is currently in production at LucasArts, but may never see the light of day due to the developer’s uncertain status under new owner Disney.

Clone wars

According to the publication, the multiplayer title puts you in the space shoes of ordinary soldiers, and sees you compete in 16-player skirmishes across various maps set in the Star Wars universe. The game was supposedly conceived as a test-bed for the long overdue Star Wars: Battlefront III, which LucasArts had intended to take under its wing if the Unreal Engine-powered download performed well.

Kotaku claims that a beta for the title was supposed to take place last year, which explains why its information was uncovered on Microsoft’s marketplace. However, whether it will actually release at this point is unclear. Apparently, the development team is still working on the game, though the studio is unsurprisingly losing talent as Disney dawdles on the project. Is this something that you’d be interested in playing? Let us know in the comments section below.