Procedurally generated indie platformer Spelunky is coming to both the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Revealed during GDC 2013, developer Mossmouth confirmed that the former Xbox Live Arcade exclusive will ship with a handful of “new features” on Sony’s suite of systems. Development is being handled by an external outfit.

“I’m particularly thrilled that Spelunky is coming to [the] Vita. Given that runs of Spelunky generally last anywhere from a few seconds to a half an hour, I think it’s the perfect game for a portable system,” said creator Derek Yu on the PlayStation Blog. “We’re going to work closely with the team porting the game to make sure that it makes good use of the Vita’s capabilities.”

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For those out of the loop, Spelunky sees you pillaging a variety of randomly generated stages, hunting for the ultimate treasure. It’s famous for its extremely challenging but fair gameplay, with some players forced to persevere through thousands of deaths to unlock the title’s most notorious secrets.

There’s no word on an exact release date just yet, but Mossmouth is saying this summer. It would be extra grand if the title supported Sony’s cross-buy initiative, don’t you think?

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