DuckTales: Remastered

In an announcement that’s sure to prompt a heartfelt "woo-hoo" from some of you, Capcom has announced that it is teaming up with Disney and WayForward to bring DuckTales: Remastered to the PlayStation Network this summer. The title – which was revealed during a PAX East panel earlier today – promises a “gorgeous update” of the NES classic, all delivered in a format that you won’t have to blow furiously to boot.

The title will boast “luscious hand-drawn character sprites” and 3D environments, resulting in a striking visual style. It will also see the return of many of the original actors from the DuckTales television series, including Alan Young, who has portrayed Scrooge McDuck since 1983. You’d think he’d be fed up of the character by now, huh?

Furthermore, the re-release will come with a handful of extras, including a museum to track your progress, remixed music, and a money bin that you can actually swim in. Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve embedded the game’s debut trailer in the space below, but we seriously recommend against watching it if you have a weakness for infectious tunes.