Batman: Arkham City

If your interest in the PlayStation 4’s software catalogue is currently sitting at lukewarm, then be prepared to crank it up to scorching hot – French website Gameblog is reporting that Rocksteady Studios is applying the finishing touches to Batman: Arkham Origins for Sony's next generation system. Apparently, the title will launch this year, and will be fully revealed at E3 in June.

While it’s always worth approaching these kinds of rumours with a pinch of salt, publisher Warner Bros did confirm earlier in the year that a Batman game would release in 2013. The next entry in the Arkham series is thought to be set in the ‘Silver Age’ of the caped crusader’s career, which would perhaps align with the Origins name.

Furthermore, Rocksteady Studios has been quiet since 2011, when it released Batman: Arkham City. Most sequels are built using 24 month timescales these days, so it makes sense that the company would have something ready in time for the end of the year. Of course, if a new Batman game is added to the PS4’s launch line-up, we’re going to need to rob a bank to afford everything.

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