You're out, RandyMoss

Soon you won’t need to play ‘Eeeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe’ to decide who should occupy the last spot on your PlayStation Network friends list. During a panel at GDC earlier today, Sony’s senior staff engineer Chris Norton confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will increase the number of contacts that you can store. While the platform holder didn’t reveal the new limit, it did note that it will be bigger than the PlayStation 3’s current 100 person cap.

Elsewhere in the presentation, Norton explained that you’ll be able to link your PSN profile with your Facebook account. Doing so will require you to use your real name, which could prove a problem if you don’t want anyone to know about your shameful Call of Duty skills. Interestingly, your username will now be linked to a controller rather than a single console, meaning that you’ll be able to login on other systems without a problem.

Each game will come with an information area built into the user interface, which will allow you to peruse the latest comments and content pertaining to that particular title. Meanwhile, a separate ‘Digest’ screen will reveal what your friends are up to on their console. It's almost like George Orwell's apocalyptic vision of the future has finally come true – albeit 29 years late.