PlayStation 4

While Sony does have a tendency to build incredible features that don't get the use that they deserve, it won’t be repeating that mistake with the PlayStation 4. Speaking during a GDC panel yesterday, senior staff engineer Chris Norton confirmed that the platform holder’s impending next generation console will automatically record and store gameplay on a separate chip – meaning that developers won’t have to do any additional programming to support the system’s vaunted ‘Share’ button.

During the presentation, Norton explained that pressing the input once will direct you to a separate screen where you’ll be able to edit the footage and upload it to social networks. It sounds like you’ll be able to add title cards to your clips, though there's no word on transitions and filters at this stage. However, the big draw is that jumping out to edit a video will not have any impact on gameplay – you’ll be able to pick up immediately where you left off once you’re done. Taking a screenshot will be a similarly simple endeavour, as you’ll just need to hold the ‘Share’ button down, rather than press it.

The big question is: will you actually use the video editing functionality in the first place? We covered this topic in a recent Talking Point article, and learned that just 27 per cent of our readers intend to take advantage the feature on a regular basis. Still, we suppose it’s nice that it’s been integrated at such a core level – at least it’s guaranteed to work should you ever choose to utilise it.