Dead Space 3 Awakened

Visceral Games will deploy Dead Space 3’s darkest chapter yet next week, when its ‘Awakened’ DLC pack spooks the PlayStation Store from 12th March. The expansion – which will set you back $9.99 – promises to depict the events after the conclusion of the main campaign, and is said to feature some of the franchise’s most disturbing content yet.

“The derelict ship Terra Nova has been transformed into a temple by extreme Unitologists,” reads the official blurb. “With dark corridors decorated with human blood and body parts from sacrificial offerings, Isaac Clarke and John Carver must find a way to escape the madness.”

As with the core experience, the add-on will be fully playable in co-op. You can check out a haunting trailer for the DLC below. Scary as it may be, we suspect that it’s not quite as frightening as the game’s sales numbers. EA executives are still having nightmares over those.