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Popular indie sandbox title Terraria is digging onto the PlayStation 3 next week. The conversion of Re-Logic’s cult PC smash-hit will ship with a smattering of new features, including overhauled controls, new boss battles, and split-screen support. But while publisher 505 Games readies itself for the port's PS3 launch, it’s also hinted that the game could be coming to the PlayStation Vita, too.

In a thread on Reddit, a company representative responded to a query regarding the likelihood of a Vita release with a cryptic tease. “Stay tuned next week,” the publisher said. “We might address that question.” Of course, it’s possible that it may simply rule out the title in the coming days – but we’re not sure why it would wait if it didn’t have something to announce.

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Considering the sheer wealth of indie titles already confirmed for the Vita, it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to picture Terraria setting up home on Sony’s handheld. The question is: will it support cross-buy and cross-save functionality? We’ve got everything crossed.

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